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1939 Fargo & 1937 Plymouth pick-up trucks

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  I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sales of either truck. 


The '37 Plymouth truck is scarce enough, but how many 1939 Fargo trucks do we suppose still exist.  The Fargo looks more like the Plymouth truck, has the 201 ci engine, versus the same year Dodge and a 218 ci six.


1937 Plymouth pick-up truck:



1939 Fargo pick-up truck:



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That is not a 1939 Fargo Truck.

It is a 1942 Fargo. ( decoding the serial number will confirm that) ( a 1939 will start with a 955 and the 1942 should start with a 956 or 957)

In 1939 Fargo and Dodge trucks had the headlights inset on the fenders and no cowl lights.

That is the same for 1940.

1941 to 1947 the headlights went to the center of the fender and cowl lights added.

The grills (nosepieces) and stainless and badges and nosepiece ornaments changed on various years throughout (1939 - 1947).

All of the nosepieces are interchangeable throughout 1939 - 1947.

All Fargo trucks and panels were built in Windsor Ontario.

As everyone knows Dodge Trucks were built in Detroit and LA.( I have a low production number truck from LA)

In my inventory I have a 1942 Suburban (built in Windsor production 1), 1939 Fargo panel, 1942 Fargo panel, 1946 Dodge panel, 1 ton Fargo Dually tow truck, 2 - 1.5 ton Fargo trucks and a 1946 1 ton pickup built in Los Angeles.

For the 1939 - 1947 Fargo / Dodge Trucks and Panels I have period literature, parts books, manuals, brochures, posters, porcelain signs and boatload of sheet metal, parts, engines, tranny's etc.

Collecting the above was a bad habit starting in high school which I am attempting to cure myself of and reduce the load.

I am currently doing a frame off restoration on the 1942 Dodge Suburban Carryall.


Photos are of a 1939 Fargo Panel of very low production.

The front nosepiece / grill would have been the same on the pickup.



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You are welcome 58L-Y8.


Overall besides the year it is a nice truck and it is low production.


As a note the ornament or small globe with the tail on the head light is worth a bit if they are in good shape and a pair.

It looks like the right side is missing.

If someone on here buys it I have an extra one to make a pair.

Probably got the nose piece ornament and the Fargo hood badges as well.



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The 37 Plymouth looks like the steering column has been welded.  An alternator has been added and the starter relay does not look correct, maybe a 12v conversion?  Looks like a steering column is in the bed too.  I wonder if it was modified for a different engine!

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On 5/6/2020 at 1:19 PM, dodgebrother said:

...Photos are of a 1939 Fargo Panel of very low production...DSCN6407.JPG



Off-topic but are the "quarter windows" in the panel original or a later addition?

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The back 1/4 windows were an add on at some point.

You cant see it in these photos but at some point a past owner was a radio tech / repair guy and it had Marconi nicely painted on the side.

It had a long life as a tradesman's panel and work truck.


The only stock side windows on these were incorporated on the carryall suburban's with two roll up windows each side with two rows of seats.

My suburban also has barn doors which is really rare as the war effort produced 99.9% with the clamshell door in back.

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