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tire size 1923 Buick touring

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Tim here , I am  replacing the 40 yr. old tires (32x4) on a 1923 Buick touring  and wanted to know what is recommended if I wanted to go to a larger tire ? also I found there is no white walls in a (32x4 ) size ! if I go larger is there a white wall in any larger tires that will fit this car ? thanks Tim

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The 32x4 size equals a 24" rim.  I think what you are referring to is an 'oversize' tire.  The 'oversize' tire for your rims would be a 33x4 1/2.  Coker Tire pretty much has the market cornered on these old tire sizes.  You might want to check out their website and see just what is available in sizes and White Wall availability.  By the way, welcome to the Buick forums and we all love photos.  So, if you could post a photo or two of your car you will get a lot of good helpful advice just for the asking.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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Thanks Terry, I'm buying Andy's Touring , he  posted questions last month about getting this car started after a long time setting , Its not running yet ! but I hope to play around and see if I can get it to fire up, I didn't ask Andy if he did a compression test  I will ask him tonight. Thanks again     

1923 buick touring 10.jpg

1923 buick touring 1.jpg

1923 buick touring 8.jpg

1923 buick touring 2.jpg

1923 buick touring 9.jpg

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