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1952 Cadillac Hydraulic Window Not Functioning

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In my ‘52 Cadillac I get to enjoy the experience of hydraulic/electric windows. I believe they are called hydro-lectric windows. I replaced the lines, fixed the pump for the fluid, and replaced the window cylinders. They were working beautifully until one of the rear windows started to not work intermittently. Now it isn’t working at all. When you press the switch I hear a tiny click versus the loud clunk that I should hear. When I checked the voltage at the wire it was 6 volts. When I connected the wire to the cylinder and pressed the switch, that 6 volt wire went down 3 volts. I momentarily hooked the cylinder up to 12 volts and I got the loud clunk and the window started to move. I’m not sure what to assume or what to do to correct it. 

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Didn’t get any responses but it appears to be a bad ground. When I tried the switch yesterday and again today it worked. More than likely as the car has been moved it jiggles the piece enough to get a ground connection. 

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