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Another Cadillac from the 30's??

Steve Hagy

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I ran across this and thought that two Cadillac's are better than one!  That is if I'm correct that this is a Caddy.


So, I would appreciate knowing the year, model and make (if I'm wrong about what this is).


Thanks gang.



LFD B-2.jpg

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It is a 1930 Chrysler. I think it is Model 70. The 70 was on a 116" wheelbase and used 5.50 x 18 tyres. The bigger Model 77 was on a 124" wheelbase and used 6.00 x 18 tyres. I had hoped I might be able to read the tyre size but the photo isn't clear enough.


Chrysler used those 'pennon' type hood louvres from the beginning of 1930 model year production in late 1929 but changed to more conventional louvres  - along with a bigger engine - later in the season.

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