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1930's Vintage Cadillac?

Steve Hagy

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Hopefully everyone has stayed indoors identifying old photos as much as possible.  Really, I do hope that everyone is well.


The attached photos shows what I believe is a mid-1930's vintage Cadillac (the V-16 emblem stood out).  As always I'm interested in knowing the year and model of this car.  I believe that this car had been around a while when the photo was taken as the auto across the street looks like it's a late 1930's build.  So, your input is welcomed.






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1932 Cadillac.


1937 Ford across the street.


Cadillac offered a huge range of variations of V16 for 1932 - two different wheelbases and bodies by both Fisher and Fleetwood -  but total production was only 300.


I am guessing but I think the car here is a Fisher sedan.



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