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SOLD: 1919 Pierce Arrow Model 48 Dual Valve Four Passenger Roadster

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SOLD 8/24/20
This 1919 Pierce Arrow Model 48 Four Passenger Roadster was restored in the 1990s by the noted early Pierce Arrow restorer Ron Fawcett of Ontario, Canada. Originally discovered as chassis #514463, Fawcett built replica coachwork in the style of Don Lee. The body was crafted to exact specifications using patterns taken from an original Don Lee-bodied Model 48 Pierce Arrow Four Passenger Roadster that Fawcett was restoring at the time and written about in the following article: https://www.prewarcar.com/disguised-for-50-years-1918-pierce-arrow-model-48-don-lee-custom-body. The result was a sporty, open four-passenger car with lightweight coachwork that perfectly complemented the long, 142" wheelbase Pierce Arrow chassis.  The car was toured and shown in Canada for many years before being purchased by its current owner about three years ago.
Since being purchased by the current owner, the car has undergone significant  mechanical and cosmetic re-freshening. The car was exhibited at the prestigious St. John's Concours in 2018 where it won a coveted Lion's Trophy. Today, the car remains in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. The paint is excellent throughout showing only minimal signs of wear. The fit and finnish of the body is excellent throughout. The red, tufted leather interior is excellent as is the tan top. The dashboard has its complete hosts of original Pierce Arrow gauges and controls which are in excellent condition as well. All of the properly nickel plated accents and accessories remain bright and vibrant.
Under the hood, Pierce Arrow's massive 524 cubic inch, dual-valve, six-cylinder engine presents extremely well. It is complete with its original Pierce Arrow carburetor  and twin-distributor ignition system. It fires up effortlessly and has that smooth but authoritive rumble that  is a signature feature of early Pierce Arrows. The car is equipped with a rare and desirable set of wire wheels which have been recently respoked and fitted with new tires and properly plated lock rings. The car is easy to shift and nimble to steer. It goes down the road with proper authority and precision.
Pierce Arrow Model 48s have been highly coveted by collectors since the earliest days of the antique car hobby. They are known for their impressive quality and sophisticated engineering features. They have been continuously  acquired by the world's leading collectors and are highly sought after due to the respect they have earned at prestigious touring events worldwide. This example, with its distinctive and sporty coachwork, will become a welcomed addition to any collection and will certainly provide lots of pleasure whether on the show field or on the road.
This car is being realistically offered for sale at 129,500.00. Please call 734-730-4274 or email: motoringicons@hotmail.com for additional information.
Thank you very much.













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An example of one of the BEST driving platforms ever made..........regardless of year. This chassis drives like a sports car from the 60’s. They are that good.👍👍👍

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Trimacar- I agree about the top. I think I would change the color to black and reshape the outline of the  material to better match the body design. The top bows are extremely well made. When the top is down, the bows stack nice and flat so the booted top assembly doesn't stick up too high like it does on many other cars. It keeps with the sporty look of the body. Here are a few more photos including some by conceptcarz.com when the car was at the 2018 St. John's Concours. 















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