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1956 Oldsmobile Trim code

Gonzalo Bulnes

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56-3067DX = 56 is the Year 1956 and the

       3067DX is a 98 Deluxe convertible coupe equipped with electric windows and 2-way power seat


Body L 1036 =  L=Assembly Plant = Lansing Michigan, 1036 is the production serial number of the body


Trim 354= Beige color interior, Leather


Paint  S64-52 = 64 is the lower body color 64 is Citation Bronze and upper color 52 is Charcoal


Please let me know if these are your colors. This information comes from the Catalog of American Car ID Numbers. Aand when I look at the information on the Autocolor Library I can not find a 64-52.

It sure sounds like a nice car though.

Food luck with it, Ron

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Hello Ron

Thank you very much for your help.

The paint color is a special paint, maybe that is the reason it don't appear in the Autocolor Library.

The car was very rust, I did a frame off restoration and now I have to paint it.

I don't know if the color combination is very pretty but I want to leave the car as original as posible.

I hope it will look nice when finish.

Thank you again.

Best regards,


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