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After spending a lot of time diagnosing the electronic and fuel system, I was told that it may be stale gas that is causing the problem.

 I drained the 4 or 5 year old gas and put in 5 gal. of fresh gas.


 It took a few minutes to settle down and idle smoothly  but the smoke and horrible smell is now gone.

 I was able to bring the rpm up to 3500 rpm for the first tome and it kept running!


 I an still getting a code 35 and the idle is 200 rpm too high but it does run.

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 Well today I have good news and bad news.

 The bad, I drove it around my yard and it did what Fieros do best, it caught fire.

 The good news, only burnt the spark plug wires before I got it out. (I always carry my trusty fire extingusher)

That was the last straw, I am now going to install a 4.9 Caddy engine in it after perusing the Fiero site.

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a) 84 were all Iron Duke

b) Was nothing wrong with the engine. GM decided it only needed a three quart oiling system. Americans often get 2 qt low and ignore warning lights.. Rod exits on firewall side and last quart dumps on catalyst (hot) and starter (lostsa amps). GM recall did four things:

- new page in owner's manual

- remarked dipstick

- longer oil filter.

- shield over catalyst and starter

all revised for '85

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