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Testing your engine identification skills.


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Helping clean up and organize my neighbors goodies. Unfortunately he passed away in 1999 and everything sat until recently when a decision was finally made to clean the place up. I was going to have a swap meet barn sale whatever you call it, but with this pandemic we're dealing with, I'm not sure when we'll be able to do that. So I thought I'd share some pictures with you just for fun. Here they go if I can get them to attach! I'm doing this from my phone instead of with my PC in my office. Here goes let's see what I can do. Well it looks like my photo files are too large! So you only get one at a time. Here's the first one.


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It doesn't look quite right to me? However, I looked at a pile of 1914 Studebaker project for sale a few years back (like 20?). Its engine was very similar to this. It had a cast enblock exhaust manifold very much like that. An unusual feature not used by many automobile manufacturers (because it was a bad idea!).

Just off the top of my head.

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Okay how about the next picture? Let me see if I can attach it. I'm going to have to download these from my phone to my computer and resize them and post them that way. Not like I don't have anything else to do these days!


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