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SOLD - 1991 Silver convertible

Barney Eaton

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Not mine but the info was sent to me..........

1991 Silver/grey interior black top and red pinstripe (may be only one made with red pinstripe) No 16 way seat or CD player.

23 made with silver exterior...19 had grey interior, 2 had blue, 2 had red   Iiterior looks like new.

Located in Dayton Ohio  ...104K miles asking $5000........contact Bill at 330-351-1833


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That is really a nice car and a great value. While the black carpet is not stock it does work with the silver [think Oakland Raiders].

 An extremely nice convertible at about $5000.00. Where can someone buy a convertible this nice, and I mean any make or model, for this cheap?

 Too bad I have all the Reattas I have, and will ever need. Otherwise....

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This car is doing well on ebay, which was your link, not Facebook.  The money the owner spent is interesting.  Not wanting to go further I understand.  You basically have a get in and drive it car at the start of the convertible season.  Being driver class, and being so well maintained, I am interested in knowing the final purchase price.  I could care less about the non original black carpet as his personal choice.  It makes "zero" difference to purchasers or collectors of cars, as long as it's not purple or yellow carpet.  Black fits, with the black plastic trim.  It's harmonious.  


In this case, someone is getting a great car if you can get it for $6000 or less.  Add a great coupe to the garage for $4000 or less and enjoy the hobby on the cheap.  But, like this guy, this is not an investment. It's about enjoyment of life.


Last summer I sold my 1990 Driftwood convertible for $4000 to raise money to help my oldest daughter buy a more practical car.  It was right about this time and as I drove the car around Des Moines, Iowa I could smell the lilacs and late spring flowering trees, I loved the convertible ability to look around.  I agree with most of you pundits - what else is available for $4000 to $6000 that you can do this in?  

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On ‎5‎/‎15‎/‎2020 at 7:34 AM, Dashmaster said:

Reatta Colors has it as a 1 of 19 with Black top.


I agree about looking good with black, company did nice job with install.


I find this comment interesting from a different perspective. 1st, in my opinion, and as evidenced by real world activity, nobody cares if it is 1 of 19. Nobody. It is certainly not effecting the auction buzz for this car.  My 1 of 60 Driftwood (for 1990) had similar yawning affect from the collector world, and it was the 1st Driftwood convertible built. 


Rather, look at this from an opportunity to purchase perspective.  I can't tell you the last time I saw a Silver Reatta convertible for sale, maybe never.  I normally do not care for Silver. It ruled the new car market for years and is still a staple for Mercedes Benz.  But for me, Reattas look good in Silver with light grey or Blue Interiors. 


So, if a person really wanted to add a cheap / inexpensive 1991 Reatta convertible in Silver to their collection, this is one of the few times you will be able to for a few years. 


2 different ways to look at the "1 of " portion of this story.

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