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I have a like new condition BLACK convertible top complete in like new condition. I’m looking for someone who has a TAN convertible top in similar condition that would like to trade.

I am willing to pay shipping(freight) to send my top to you hoping for same from you. I live in Pompano Beach, Florida which is right next door to Ft. Lauderdale / Miami. 

Anyone interested please message me on this site.

Thank You,


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Would like to help, but totaled my 01 with a beautiful black top and replaced it with a 90 with a tan top and like the tan top much better. Would hope to meet sometime as we live in Melbourne and have relatives in Boca and Coral Springs.---Art and Suzanne Dalby 

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Hi Art,

Thanks for the reply. Shucks, YOU SURE you wouldn't like a like new Black Top 😖.  Sounds like we're not to far apart and hopefully we can meet one day.

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