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Insert Rod Bearings ’34 Buick 57 - Found Them!


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I have a 1934 Buick Series 57 with modified rod bearings.  I would like to buy a new set of the insert rod bearings for my car.  I pulled one of the rod caps off and found the following information on the bearing:     CLEVITE  77  B-1    (on one end and)   3/00   .020   CB-90P   ( on the other.)  See the photos.


I know ‘Clevite’ is the manufacturer and .020 is probably the undersize for the bearing but I’m not sure about all the other information.  


I would like to buy a full set of these rod bearings.  Can someone point me in the right direction so I can purchase a set?


Found Them!!   Lester Harris in Minden, NV had a set of Chrysler bearings for me.   Thank you Lester! 


Thanks in advance for your help!    Vic



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Vic, you are located just south of Minden, Nevada   Have you ever dealt with Lester J. Harris 2763 East Valley Road  Minden, Nv.? He specializes in obsolete engine and chassis parts for cars and tractors `20s-`60s. Everything i`v bought from him is old stock made in USA. Here is his contact  ph 775 267-2559   fax 775 267-2241   You may want to go see him since you are just south of Minden.   Another source is Feltz Terrill @ Terrill Machine Inc in DeLeon, Tx   ph 264 893-610   He machined my `36 Buick babbitt rods for inserts.

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