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1939 Buick foot dimmer switch replacement

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Hello All,

Looked but haven't found the instructions for replacing the light foot switch.

While under the car, the switch appears to be hidden by the frame.

That leaves pulling up the floor mat which doesn't at all sound appealing.

Anyone been there done that?


Thank you,


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FYI  When my 1930 Pontiac switch wore out the screws were from above but the switch was below the floorboard.  No listing anywhere.  I took my old one to Napa and asked if the had a replacement.  Took the counterman about five minutes in the back to find one that even fit the screw holes.

Good luck

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Thank you Mr. Tinindian.


I ordered and received a replacement via ebay.

My hunch is after I pull up the floor mat the secret recipe for this replacement will be fully revealed.

We've all been here - I once pulled out a dashboard ash tray just because, and had to subsequently reattach the tray knob :)





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