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Where do I get a 1928 radiator cap

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I do not think there are caps for those radiators like the ones on modern cars. There is usually an expansion tank built inside  the rad. Myers will sell you a dog bone cap with a hole in the centre in which the temperature gauge is mounted. Without those the radiator will bubble over when hot. The thermostat housing has the grove to install a thermostat but I do not know if they are available. I bought a thermostat from Antique Supplies in California, which is fitted inside the top hose. It works fine, I think at about 50 degrees. Fill the radiator right up and run the engine hot. The excess liquid will flow out through the overflow tube and level itself. Do not buy used thermostat.. Reproductions are cheaper at Meyers and they are guaranteed to work. My friend bought a used one in the flea market for 90 dollars  for his Buick and it did not work. I bought one as a gift for 80 dollars from Meyers and could not tell the difference in appearance. He had some choice words for himself. The thermostat will be difficult to install in the top hose so boil the hose for about 15 minutes and quickly push  the thermostat while the rubber hot with the wax facing the block about midway the hose. 

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On 4/29/2020 at 4:56 AM, Todd B 1928 said:

I need a new cap or someone to rebuild my radiator cap on my 1928 DB Standard Six. Is there any sources out there.  

Can you provide a photo of the cap you have/need?

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