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Chevrolet AC International brakes adjustment

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Does anyone have access to the Chevrolet Brake Adjusting Gauge referred to in the repair and adjustment manual for the 1929 AC International. I would like to get the measurements and fabricate my own. Thanks


Frank Cerutti

Chevrolet AC International

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

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Hello Frank, in reality you do not need it to get your brakes adjusted well. I have had a 29 coupe for coming up on 20 years. Start by getting all pivots, rods, pins and bushings completely freed up and well oiled. Not WD40 it dries out, actual oil like it says in the service manual. They must not have any resistance so the springs can return everything back to its at rest position. Even the linkages at the rear wheels that don't look important are. All the spring bushings should be in good condition because if the axle can shift around all your adjustment are useless. The other thing you MUST do is buy a 29 service manual. They are not that much money. One big thing to remember is that when APPLIED the rods should be perpendicular to the lever being applied not when they are at rest. Do not adjust the brake pedal at the top of its travel. The rear bands are contracting and as the drums heat up they will expand to the point of seriously dragging. I have a drawing of both the 28, and 29 adjusting blocks, but have never found the need to actually make one. I believe the originals were steel but if you still felt the need laminated plywood will work fine for the few times you might need it. Once a year before touring season roll around underneath the car and re-oil all brake components, everything.  These are very simple well built cars and with a little guidance and patience you can do anything needed on them. Art

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