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1932 Lincoln KB V12 Damper

Jan Degeling

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While driving  65 or 70 miles/hours the noice from the engine of my 1932 Lincoln KB suddenly changed. It was not a big bang but when I stopped the car and running the engine at low rpm's it really sounded horrible. Brought the car home on a flatbed and started to dismantle the engine from below. It became clear that the vibration damper was suspicious. I could move the plates with my fingers. From below that is an easy discovery by now how to get there. 
In the meanwhile I have been able to remove the damper and I have attached a few pictures. Question I have is what is the material of the black rings and are these available or can these been made? The plate’s and the springs look in reasonable good condition the bronze ring however has a bit of play, is this normal or should be a very tide fit as well? Any other recommendation on how to rebuild or repair these units is welcome as well.
I have also attached a picture of the car before the “event”. These are fantastic cars when driven at speed on long empty roads, want to get it back on the road! 
Jan Degeling
The Woodlands 





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Call Steve Babinski, he’s a Lincoln guy. Email would probably be better, as he’s very busy even with Pebble shut down.

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