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1954 Hudson 6 cylinder 308

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I am attaching some photos to try to identify the parts that I found in my oil pan.

I have a 47 Hudson Pickup with a 1954 engine. It is a 6 cylinder 308. I know little about the history. Engine seemed to be running good but my oil warning light went for the first time yesterday.

I dropped the oil pan and it had ½ inch of sludge. I am cleaning the oil pan and pickup screen leading to the oil pump.

At the bottom of the oil pan I found the two parts as shown in the photos. They are about .012 inch thick and seem to be made out of spring steel.

Looks like I can see these same rings in other pistons when looking up from the oil pan. They are above the connecting rod and below the top of the piston. Looks like they fit in a groove.

Are these some type of a retainer, wiper, scraper ring?

Piston walls are not scored and the engine was not making noises.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Not sure where to go from here.

Thank you




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