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GM Orient magazine May 1930

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You know I have seen this before... but what I never noticed was the oil distribution photo.  It does not show the camshaft being pressure lubed.  That correct?  I know with the '32 there is pressure to the cam as well as spray to the area of the drive gear for the distributor.


Thanks for posting.  My splithead website (in embryotic form) is about ready to release to with some minimal information.  This would be something good for me to post.


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The was no lube to the cam other than spray, only lube to the dist gear on the from the center main brg.  The parts book does not list a front camshaft bearing until engine number 822295.  Center or rear bearing until 1932.

The artwork is dodgy on the engine view.  We are looking at the left side of the car but the drawing shows the manifolds ( which are actually on the right).  The horn and water manifold are also on the wrong side.

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