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1940 Stop/Brake Light switch

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Im looking for some help. Can anyone post a picture of the correct switch and wiring connectors for a 1940 Buick Special?

I was checking over things and found a problem. It looks like someone installed a later push on connector type switch and cut and wrapped the wires around the posts.

I believe the correct switch for a 1940 should have screw on wire connectors but I don't know what they look like.

I would like to get the correct switch and fix my connections. 

Any advise or photos would be greatly appreciated. 


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One thing about that stop switch......you need to bleed it. Have somebody tap the brake a little to make brake fluid come out before you screw it in. There should be no air pocket under the switch, or it won't work.

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I'm next to positive you have the correct switch but you're missing the correct wiring connectors. The screw type will work but they were used in 1939. Also the original switch for 1940 had a 6 point bolt configuration. Long story short your current switch will work but the wiring looks dangerous and needs the correct connectors. Sorry I don't have a 40 brake light switch or connectors.


Thanks Leif

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