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Horsehair padding for antique car seats available

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I've taken many a car apart that had a horsehair pad to make the seat cushion nice and comfy.  I've tried to find it before with no luck, and then WOW found it on Etsy of all places.


This is horsehair woven into a burlap backing, about 1 inch thick and heavy on the horsehair.  It makes a GREAT addition to an early seat, much better than just cotton (and I won't even mention lousy foam, oops, I just did)…...


I bought five pieces of it, and love it.  I don't think I'll buy any more, so thought I'd share with the group.  If you want to have a comfortable cushion that is done properly as many early cars were done, buy this for yourself or your trimmer....this is NOT my stuff, it's advertised by a very nice lady in New York State.....





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