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37 & 38 Mostly NOS parts for sale

32 plym

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I have had a number of 37 & 38 Buicks over the last 40 years and have gathered a large number of parts mostly NOS still in Buick boxes.  Since I only have a 1937 Buick 2dr and don't plan on getting another, yet, I am planning to sell some parts.  I will try to put a list together and take photos when necessary.  I will also send a list to publish in the Torque Tube Club publication.  Just keep in mind I am like you guys a Hobbyist not a dealer so I will try to take care of it ASAP.  Please feel free to send me your cell number and I will be happy to call you, text or email phots, and am not very technical but I will try to upload some pics here too.  Just a few parts to name I have some used sets front fenders , one NOS rear 37 fender Not gas tank if I remember its 37 and many mechanical parts NOS AC gauges for 37 and 38, Delco vacuum starte switches 37&38. front end parts , brake, wiper transmissions, all trans gears ,torque ball trunk hinges, door handles,, starter solenoids (mostly NOS) many used generators and starters, center hood strips...  Any way during these day my plan is to make an accurate list.  Hope this finds everyone well and safe.  I will try to check this site daily so again feel free to send your cell and I will send you mine  Thanks George 

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Hi George, looking for some trunk hinges for a 1937 Buick Roadmaster Phaeton. Series/ model 80C. 
My names is Ed and my number is 630-920-1126. 

Thk u! 


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On 5/3/2020 at 3:18 PM, Mybihun said:

I am in need of front fenders for my 37 Buick model 41


 I sent you a private message if you are still looking for front fenders.

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