new Wheels / 15" or 16"

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Thinking of new rims,  I guess original are 15"  but after reviewing the forum experts a lot have gone to 16"

I invested new tires 2K  miles ago, was thinking of switching because easier to clean, sharper look, reasonable price, I think my clear coat is coming off , faded dull.

But new rims I can handle right now for around $400 Tire Rack but rims and tires $900+  when I have relatively new tires already.

Anyone want to persuade me to go to 16" , performance , ride ect..

otherwise stick with my newer tires on the original rims that back in the day very cool and custom. Or get new 15/7/5X100 rims and put my newer tires on them.


I only drive the TC  about 3K a year and the pic shows the best looking rim right after cleaning.


I really shouldn't but anything but toilet paper these days??? from what I hear. 




wheels current.jpg

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I purchased American Racing AR919 16" wheels, 7" width  with 225/50x16 tires and have been very pleased .  The wheels have held up well and are easy to clean.  They look very similar to the T8-2 wheels you showed.  I also like the way the 16" wheels fill the wheel well. If you want 16" wheels remember to go with a slightly lower profile tire, say a 50 rather than 60,;  that way the tire diameter will be about the same so you will not have clearance issues.  Double check the diameter of any tires you are considering to make sure they're within a tenth of an inch or two of stock.  Offset is also crucial, and as I recall, 30-40mm is an acceptable range.  I know 7" wide rims will fit; wider ones might, but I'm not sure.  


I bought Bridgestone Potenza RE71-R's with a 200 UTAG (treadwear index) because they simply transform the car's handling and I run an occasional autocross.  They cost about $136 apiece.  There are a bunch of 200 UTAG tires, both cheaper and more expensive - all are excellent.  The difference they make in everyday driving is amazing, but they do wear more quickly depending on your driving style.  However, if you only drive about 3,000 miles a year and you purchase tires with a predicted tread life of 40,000 miles, you would probably need to replace them due to weather checking or dry rot well before the tread wore down, so longevity would not be much different.  The 200's do not like cold weather so if you're going to be driving in freezing temps, don't get them.


One last reminder - as good as Tire Rack is, they will probably wonder why you want mag wheels for a minivan (Chrysler T&C).   They will have no data on whether or not any rims or tires will fit whatever a TC is , meaning you have to do all the homework.  Also, ask them to throw in an extra wheel lock "key" as they can break.  Good luck!  

IMG_2583 (1).jpg

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Thanks Nile,

Your car looks sharp with those rims, I think I'm gonna hold off for a while, my income might be questionable down the road. 

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