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Carter EV1 anti-stall solenoid

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So I got curious about the function of the solenoid on the Carter EV1.  As I was searching I came across a thread back in 2009 where DougD pointed out that the solenoids with 2 electrical contacts were for the 49-53 years with the M6 transmissions.  But my question is how does that Anti-stall solenoid actually work.  There is one wire going from that device, and T's off to the solenoid on the trans and to the coil.  But I'm not sure which way the juice is flowing.  Plus I don't see how it works.  The wire connection goes inside the anti-stall solenoid and then continues with a coil of copper wire.  The other end of the coil of wire goes to that other terminal on the outside of it, where on the 49-53 models a wire goes to the kick down switch on the back of the carb I believe.  But on the single wire ones, I can't figure out what it's actual function is.  It just basically sits on the top body of the carb.  Yes the bottom end of that coil of wire that has a steel plate seems to rest on the aluminium cast upper carb body.  But nothing seems to be going on.  Can someone please explain the flow of juice and what's going on to ensure the carb doesn't stall out?

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