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1907 Austin (American)

George Ferris

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Which one?


A 1909 was sold at one of the Amelia auctions ( I think RM, maybe 3-5 years ago??) and it was likely bought by Hyman who resold it to a good friend. It is now on exhibit at his museum near Detroit. Since purchasing it, it has been exhibited at a few concours such as St. Johns, possibly Amelia Island, etc. Prior to his ownership, this Austin was owned by another good friend in New England who owned it for decades. Here is that car at its current home:



Another Austin-very similar in appearance but a 1907-sold in 2019 at the Bonham's Amelia Island auction and was part of the Bolton Collection. I do not know where this one ended up. Here it is:


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Interesting fact regarding that car from Don Bolton's collection. Don could never find the right transmission for it so he grafted a White 4 speed transmission. When Don was thinning his parts and stuff a few years back I found a White transmission in one of his barns. I tried to buy it and he told me the story of the Austin and he wanted to keep the extra white transmission just in case.


just sayin'



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