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Wanted, hardware for unknown brand visor


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It does, don’t have much of a place or tools to fabricate so much, but if I can’t find something suitable then I’ll have to 


this my first visor and my first old truck, I’m not sure how it attaches 

repro center supports seem easy enough to find for $30, it’s really the sides that I can’t figure out 

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Find 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 Chevy truck GM accessory ...



I grabbed this off the web but I think it's the same visor to give you a bit of an idea - I just googled 53 Chev Visor and this came up for 47-53 Chev trucks - bit more of a search should yield better results for you.  Says that this one is a Fulton, just not the style that I'm use to seeing being the 3 piece but the center mounting piece is likely the same across the board.


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