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1964 Mustang Pace Car

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Hi-I am researching the various years Indy Pace cars and have started the 1964 Mustang. I'm looking for some specific info, and am hoping there is a literature collector here or if I could be referred to one. 

In March 1964 Ford had a dealer contest called the Checkered Flag. Each of the 37 Sales Districts would would have an internal sales contest where a predetermined quota was assigned each dealer and the dealers who sold the most over the quota would win not only a 1964 Mustang Pace Car replica, but an all expense trip to Dearborn to pick it up and be given the keys by Lee Iococca. I've already seen all that is written on the internet and ion some publications, but I need an actual primary source document-does anyone have any Ford material about this Checkered Flag contest: outline of contest tules, flyers, updates, winners list, photos, etc. There was a secondary contest. called the Green Flag for the dealers that did not win the Checkered Flag contest. They would win a discount on a Pace Car Replica that would be delivered to their dealership.I would be more than happy to purchase any material as well.


thanks for any help

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Just as a technicality, there are no 1964 Mustangs. Even though enthusiasts like to call them "1964 1/2" and they were introduced early in 1964, they are all 1965 model year Mustangs. That might help you search, anyway.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks-i actually knew that but it is the 64 race. I own a 1993 Allante that was a Festival Car at the track. I wanted to get a vanity plate and couldn't decide if I should get Indy 93 for the car or indy 92 for the race. I picked Indy 93. 

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