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BCA March Minutes Questions


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I've a couple questions I'd like to  pose to any BOD members here who might like to answer.


> I may have missed it but what was the date of the meeting/teleconference?


> Re:  Personnel report. Sid. Sent out a RFQ to Mike regarding Web Master position. He will also send one to existing Web Master Peter Gariepy and to a candidate that Mike Book knows of that would have interest. Considerable discussion followed this report


Is this "considerable discussion" available anywhere for members to view? 


I guess my question is, will the RFQ be posted in a future Bugle issue or just sent out to individuals that BOD members "knows of that would have interest"  Also is this position or contract on a yearly basis or ?  


> Re: National Meet Committee Jack. Spokane and Gettysburg will both be presenting to the NMC at the next meeting on 3/29/2020 . They have both been asked several questions following the lastNMC meeting. The NMC is expected to make a recommendation following the 3/29 meeting.


When will this selection be made public?


> Re: April 15th was chosen as the date for the next BOD teleconference 


Assuming this was held, when might these minutes be available?  


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Lamar, The date of our teleconference was 3/29/2020.  The minutes of our 4/15/2020 teleconference will be available following their approval at our next teleconference which would be mid May. (sorry, but I do not have the exact date in front of me). The BOD has voted to award the 2023 National Meet, but as Chair of the National Meet Committee, It is up to me to sign the contract with the host hotel. I have not done that yet, but with in a week, I hope to get that accomplished and announced. The reason for the delay frankly is that following the need to cancel this year's meet. I want to rewrite the cancellation clause for any meet going forward. The BCA was able to cancel this year with out a serious loss being incurred, but that took a bit of "dancing". That is why we held  out making our "recommendation" to the BOD until now. 

The personnel committee looks at contracts with existing service providers routinely and sends out RFQs to known interested parties before making any recommendations to the BOD. 

I used the term "considerable discussion " to consolidate the opinions raised . This was a two hour meeting and with a unanimous vote, It was constructive "discussion" only , mostly about suggestions, time lines etc. again with a unanimous vote, there seems to be no real need to quantify beyond that. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to PM me. I am glad to see that someone actually reads my minutes. Be safe





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