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Reliability Tour (19-24 July 2020) CANCELLED

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Reliability Tour (19-24 July 2020).  Sadly and reluctantly this tour is cancelled for the year.  A loss of trailer parking based upon school location and other stops being closed down has caused the organizers to make this painful decision this early on.  

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So disappointing-

So far we've lost :

Founders Tour in Show Low, Arizona

Sentimental Tour in West Virginia

Reliability Tour in Pennsylvania


The Eastern Divisional Tour on Maryland's Eastern Shore was rescheduled from May to August, and hopefully will still be held

The Glidden appears to still be on track for September,

and the Central Divisional Tour in Oklahoma will hopefully also still be held in late October after Hershey (Hershey? - hope that is still on tap !)


The volunters and their teams and regions have worked so diligently toward these events, we need to recognize them, even if we don't get the enjoyment of driving the tours (yet)

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Very sorry to loose this event, the excitement will be missed.  I was organizing an AACA Snapper's  pre '16 tour this summer so I can imagine the difficulties trying to deal with closed venues.  The Snapper's have rescheduled our run for the summer of 2021, is that something the Reliability Tour could do?


Stay well, Gary

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4 hours ago, Terry Bond said:

With the Reliability Tour being an every-other-year event I hope it can still happen in 21.



Same story with the Sentimental Tour being an every other year (even year vs odd numbered year),


So conceivably , next year depending on the AACA calendar, we could have






as well as any Divisional tours.


We do look forward to the return of AACA Tours



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Guest Mark McAlpine

The cancelled 2020 Reliability Tour is being rescheduled as the 2021 Vintage Tour on July 11-16, 2021.  That opens up the vehicle eligibility a bit, but its route is going to be "Brass friendly" to ensure that members disappointed by the cancellation of this year's Reliability Tour can easily participate. 

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