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1951 Nash Statesman - interesting read

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1951 Nash Statesman Super Model 5149 Two Door Sedan LOVE STORY - $5750(Kirkland)

(Not mine) 




If you enjoyed the ridiculous ad about that 1995 Pontiac grand am (ref. http://www.huffpost.com/entry/used-car-ad-pontiac-grand-am_n_1453121/amp), you might enjoy this one I ran across on Craigslist.  It *begins*, “So where do I start? For what it’s worth, this is not so much an ad to sell a cool 1951 Nash Statesman Super Model 5149 Two Door Sedan, as it is a love story, with a bitter ending. A love story for car nuts, like you and I. 

Before I begin, please be aware that this story, as all good car stories do involves sex, money, alcohol, questionable judgment and of course a sweet ride. 

Now everyone knows that a really good story, even a car related one should have some interesting characters in it, mainly a striking young man, a beautiful sexy object of desire, and a hero, or someone who saves the day. 

However in this (cheaply written) short story, our young man, let’s call him Mark (as that’s his real name) is neither striking or young for that matter and our object of desire is of course not a sexy woman but a Nash Statesman Super. 


...be sure to read the keywords at the bottom, like “Never let your friend write your car ad


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I contacted this guy and I will surmise that he really doesn't want to sell.

Wont send good pics.

Also has some major issues with wiring and the drivers door wont open among other things.

The guy does pen a good yarn however.

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