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New Tires for Your Ride circa 1932


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Here’s an April 1932 flyer from the Spiegel catalog company for their famous Argyle tires and tubes.  “No better tires made than Argyles” they claim. Prices and sizes as noted. The conversion for the new markings on balloon tires is shown too.




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16 minutes ago, 3macboys said:

I just checked the rate of inflation since 1932 - a 1932 dollar is worth roughly 19 today - makes today's tire prices suddenly seem fairly reasonable

Agreed, tires for a long time were a huge expense for autos.  I remember well the ads for recap passenger car tires as a way to help soften the blow of getting new tires. I had winter tread recaps on my cars until about 1975.

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Oddly, when you look at the cost to put rubber on a 25 inch wheel, todays price is almost exactly the old price times the inflation. The tube price times inflation comes to about half what I paid the last time. 

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