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84 Fiero injector problem. Answer

R Walling

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 Earlier I posted that my 84 Ferio would not start after a few years sleep.

 I thought it was an injector problem and spent a lot of time checking out the electric system.

 Then someone suggested that I check out the fuel system.

 Well the problem boiled down to the fuel pump was eaten up by E10 gasoline.

 All the rubber parts turned to mush.


 I installed a new pump and got it running now.

 At first it did not want to take a higher rpm, but after a few starts and REINSTALLING the air cleaner, it runs well now.


 I don't know whether the computer sorted out the fuel mixture after a few starts or the vacuum line that goes to the air cleaner was the problem. (even though I had plugged it up to prevent a leak)

 I did note though, that a "Box with vacuum lines" that attaches to the side of the air cleaner seamed to make a difference if it was laying on its side, or vertical.

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"Box with vacuum lines"  turned out to be the map sensor, which after scanning the computer, it showed a fault in the sensor. I ordered a new one, tomorrowow will tell?

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12 hours ago, padgett said:

Just think, next year will be the 40th anniversary of the GM Computer Command Control. Wonder how many have a scanner that can read the early ALDL.


Actually, the first CCC cars were 1979-1/2.  1980 was the first full year GM came out with the computer cars unless there were some engines that did not have it in 1980 but I am not aware of any.  I was doing some evaluation on the '79-1/2 cars when I was at Buick and they were just coming out.

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 Well after I installed the MAP sensor. the code went away but now I have a code for the Idle air control. Its on order, I will be back with the new results in 4 or 5 days, I hope. 

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