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55 Buick Washer pump doesn’t work

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Hello everyone 

please accept my apologies if I post this in the wrong section. I’m a newbie at this posting stuff. I need help in figuring out the schematic of the windshield washer pump for my 55 century. Has anyone taken it apart for rebuild?

my pump only has two connections at the lid. It’s vacuum and water. Doesn’t appear to be complicated. 


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McVey Cadillac sells a rebuild kit.  Just be careful taking it apart.  If you need parts, let me know.


You may want to check your original hoses for any leaks.  For vacuum, they run from the wiper motor to the dash button, to the washer pump.  Also check the dash button, as sometimes they leak.


The water lines are simple too, and likely need replacing.  Looks like yours has been rerouted.  It should run through the same firewall grommet as your vacuum line does now.  Driver's side, next to the big black vent cover.  Inside, there is a T fitting behind or above the radio that sends water right and left to the wiper bases.  Be sure to clean out the washer nozzle and copper line feeding into it at the wiper base.  You will want to remove the top of the dash to do this, which is not hard on the smaller Buicks.  


You may find it helpful to use an old speedometer cable.  Twist and slide it through the old hose.  Then when removing the old hose, the new one goes on the cable and in the same routing.

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Thank  you Fr Buick,

I really appreciate your help. I will look into getting the kit. I checked all the vacuum lines with a vacuum gage. The water lines are clear as well. When I push the wiper switch, I hear the vacuum at the pump But nothing happens. I remember it worked for a short time when I first got the car. So the access to the lines is through the top of the front dashboard?

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