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( ORIGINAL ) 1948 TUCKER DEALER SALES BROCHURE--THE SALES BROCHURE IN GREAT SHAPE FOR ITS AGE, THERE IS SOME WRITING ON THE FRONT PAGE,  THE GUY LOOKING TO BUY THE CAR MADE SOME NOTES. ( SAVE, I SEEN THE CAR, ALL OTHER CAR FACTRY STOP HIM BUYING PARTS )  AND THAT IS TRUE,  IMG_3980.thumb.JPG.da28be3b7e74ccd6547db6f1dbf7a41b.JPGIMG_3982.thumb.JPG.55c8d3fd0615a4e5962b325dd0d89711.JPGIMG_3981.thumb.JPG.bba87a96e8e36673d6d6009e86cc8a57.JPGIMG_3983.thumb.JPG.6f58dc2c2cb27d65d6c3836d11307480.JPGIMG_3984.thumb.JPG.9acfaf2f158a0305c0998841d9fa215c.JPGIMG_3985.thumb.JPG.e2728ac24c0432dc163a8cecd7dc5b62.JPGIMG_3986.thumb.JPG.4dbcc4862b94920562d2defb69da7b6b.JPGIMG_3987.thumb.JPG.71983d97bbd029d91a76ebdb64f54e02.JPG PRICE $200.  PLUS SHIPPING

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