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1954 Plymouth Savoy - Not Mine - Price Reduced 4/25

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For Sale on Craigslist: 1954 Plymouth Savoy 2-door in Canton, Michigan  -  $14,500  -  call: (734) 552-0094

                                                                                     Price Reduced 4/25/20 to $12,500


Link:  https://nmi.craigslist.org/cto/d/canton-1954-plymouth-savoy/7110341968.html


Seller's Description:

Older restoration, majority time Southern car, frame and body excellent, runs great. Very rare HyDrive automatic transmission, must see to appreciate, for more info please call for further information, I am 79 years old , so PHONE ONLY please. 734 552 0094. Stay safe, Stay well























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That Hy-Drive transmission is a one year only pre Poweflite unit that uses oil from the engine to operate.  Ten quarts of oil (11 with filter) are used when doing an oil change.  Great looking car.

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I've owned three different 1954 Plymouths. The last one I bought (a Hy-Drive car) wasn't exactly bulletproof, it was a 50K mile little old lady Belvedere with a blown piston and a rod through the side of the block. The car was in good shape otherwise and was Santa Rosa Coral (pink) with a white top. I replaced the engine and frame crossmember and converted it to standard shift. Two of my three 54 Plymouths were Santa Rosa Coral sedans. A friend of mine bought another 54 Belvedere sedan a year ago from a local estate. It was too rusty to restore but it had a nice running 40K mile flathead 6 standard trans. drivetrain he's saving for a future project. That one got parted out. 

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12 minutes ago, plymouthcranbrook said:

Not to be any more contrary that necessary it seems that almost every 54 Plymouth I have seen in person is a HY-Drive car. Not a bad thing but not as rare as some think.

Hy-Drives aren't rare. According to the Standard Catalog of Plymouth, by June 1953 the company was producing 3,000 Hy-Drive cars a week. The seller claims his car has an automatic transmission, I would ask him to explain the the purpose of the clutch pedal in the picture. I would also ask him how long he's owned the car and why he's selling it. There are 3 different videos of this exact same car on YouTube when it was in Florida from 2017-2019 including one of it at the Mecum Kissimee auction. 

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When I was a young fellow our next door neighbor had one in the coral and white color.  It must have been a popular color for the day.  The red clutch pedal was interesting to me, I thought it was red to make it easy to see!  

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