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41 special fuel gauge stuck on full

Neal with an a

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First, the search feature is your friend. We've had this conversation twice in the last four weeks.



Third, Your problem is usually a grounding issue--run a wire from the sending unit to the frame, make sure the grounds are clean.


Fourth, https://www.oldcarsweekly.com/restoration/fueled-frustration-fixing-faulty-fuel-gauges


Try the easy stuff and see what happens. Report back if you're still stuck. There are only three potential issues.



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I'm sure you just have a bad ground situation.  Since you put in a new harness, you know that the wire from the sender goes up into the trunk where there's a butt connector to the wire that goes to the gauge.  Disconnect this and ground the wire from the gauge.  If your gauge goes to empty, you know that you have a bad ground at the sender.  The sender is grounded through the metal fuel line.  If you have a bit rubber hose between the metal line and the sender, you will not have a proper ground.  Just ground the sender with a separate wire and you're done.


If the gauge doesn't go to empty when that wire is grounded, then you unfortunately have a problem with the dash unit.

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