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Mystery sedan in New Zealand

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A shot taken in Takapuna, a suburb of Auckland in 1934.


Thought initially ,to be a Buick but I don't think so. The body mouldings suggest 1926-27 but the door hinges are in the wrong place, and the hood louvres also are not central on the hood side.


The close up suggests the radiator has the Buick/Packard/Willys-Knight shape - but nothing quite matches.



nz cars etc Takapuna c 34.jpg

nz cars etc Takapuna c 34 (2).jpg

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I  considered Buick but the hood louvres are not in a raised panel - they also look to be 'finer' that the Buick ones.


Also on the mystery car it looks to have a door hinge level with just above the lower edge of the side window.


Note also the cowl light on the mystery car looks to 'hang out' the side.

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