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56 Buick Roadmaster


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Correct for 1956 Roadee & Super only. Called six way, forward, backward and up or down, plus tilts whole seat, not seperate reclining of seatback. Will bolt to floor of 54-55 Rd/Sup. All elec. No fluid as ealier used. Hope that helps if interested. Does it work? Switch included? Seat side cover has specific hole for elec switch. Chime in if not correct info please.

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I adapted an identical one onto my '54 Super, between the stock seat and floor.  It was a simple matter of some drilling-out and hardware issues to get it all in - not a hard project at all, but damn heavy to work it into the car!!


I love the end results, especially the tilt feature for my crummy back.


IIRC, you will also need the '56 aluminum skirts and their mounting brackets, and that gives you the proper mounting of the switch.  The aluminum skirts are a vast improvement over the plastic used in 54 and 55, plus you get shiny metal to polish for some extra bling!


Also, the 6-way switch and harness plug can be a delicate thing, so go carefully on Remove and Install...

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