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Usually they come apart from the base of the column, down by the steering box. The tube that runs down the column with the control rod (I think it's only throttle on a 130) will slide out, but it may hit the headliner, unless you have an open car. DO NOT BEND IT. NOT EVEN A LITTLE. If you bend the tube, every time you turn the wheel, the throttle will open.


If the throttle control tube can not come out, you will have to lower the column to make room. 

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 Disconnect the horn wire down at the bottom. Then as Steve said, you need to remove the hand throttle parts at the bottom of the steering box. Then you can slide the hand throttle lever and  tube up out of the steering wheel hub. You shouldn't need to take the hand throttle shaft all the way out.  Only lift it up enough to get at the underside of horn button parts.  Look at the underside of the hand throttle lever and you'll see how to remove the horn button.



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