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1940 special fender braces and bad news


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These are the braces from the outer edge of the fender to the frame. The painter had removed the fenders and now I cant find the braces. The story goes is that I delivered the car to him to sandblast and paint. When the car was done my wife and I went to pick it up,body painted and loose fenders, hood, running boards. While there we met a friend of the painter who I vaguely remembered from 10 or 12 years ago. As a Ma Bell telephone tech I had been on his property doing wire work back then and at that time noticed he had a 52 Ford F-1 that his dad bought new. He still had it.So after loading the Buick I didnt think to inventory the small parts as we were in negotiations for the F1. $7000! Nice I thought but not 7 grand. So we took off for home. Unloaded the Buick into the shop and went inside. Phones ringing its 5pm and it the F1 owner. He says if you can get back over here tonite with $3500 the truck is yours. Sez my sister and I have been fighting about this truck since dad died,the title is in my name and Im selling it.Luckily we had that amount with us so back we go. Loaded it up,paperwork done it was about 7pm. Looking over the F1 in his shop I saw it needed paint. I called Jim the painter to see if he could do it.Yep. So back to the painters shop nearby. He told me he would strip and finish in red BC/CC for 1000 if I could prepay him.OK! SO unload, got a paid in full receipt and headed home. So I kinda forgot about the ford for a couple weeks working on putting the Buick back together. Then his wife called me to tell me the terrible news that the painter,Jim Rodda 62 years old, had sprayed his last pot. He collapsed from a stroke next to my truck in his booth. He had gone all around  several coats of red and clear and finished the job before he died. Went back a couple weeks later looking for the fender braces but never found them. I'll keep looking but will have to fabricate something if no one on here has any. Thanks all.






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