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Hello All,

I'm thinking of purchasing a K7 that has sat for 30 years.  The owner is the son of the original owner and he has been squirting oil in the block over the years, but has been unable to turn her over.  The truck in in typical sitting on a farm condition, but looks to be all intact.  I love the old girl already and she will be coming home with me, but I had a few questions about parts and some technical questions as I move forward.  First question, if I can not get her running, how much does she weight (cab and chassis) just for hauling purposes.  I really, really would like to keep her original, but how plentiful are parts.  I google some of the bigger guys and parts seem to be somewhat pricey but available, but are there good places to find the odds and ends.  What are possible options for power plant replacement?  Thanks for any advise.  I can figure this stuffs out, but boy its sure nice having a community of knowledge to help a guy along.  



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Not an exact answer but.  The KB-7 had a basic rating of 2-3 tons and a GVW rating of 16,500 lb.   I would figure the cab and chassis would weigh 9000 pounds approximately.

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