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Hey, how about parking your collector car outside today?

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I live in the St. Croix River Valley, the border area between Wisconsin and Minnesota. Often on Sundays there is lots of tourist traffic on our area streets as is the case today. Since these “rubberneckers” like to drive by slow and look up the driveways I thought I would give them something to look at beside my dormant grass. Sooooo, I parked my Model A out in the driveway to give the gawkers something good to look at. Maybe some of you would do the same as there will be many walkers out and about. It could give us all something to show and talk about if anyone stops and it is not hard to keep social distance outside.
Looking up my driveway......park your car outside and post a picture to show us what we would see peeking up your driveway!


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Just recently someone walked by while I was holding my own personal car show. By myself.

They stopped and asked a couple questions. It was nice to see a few people from the neighborhood. When I answered “It’s a 1938 Plymouth”, they were surprised it had survived all those years. 


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Check the thread on AntiqueCars, this year and beyond. We've had a few impromptu antique car shows crop up in parking lots. I had some one car parades around the neighborhood and feel like we brought lots of smiles to people.


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I live way out in farm country & our road is not really even wide enough for two pickups to pass comfortably at speed. We maybe get 5-10 cars per hour during the busy hours. When one or more of mine are outside, they are close to 300 ft from the road, so the only folks that notice them are ones like us!


God Bless



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I can park one of the old cars in the driveway all day and have never had anyone stop. They're all in a big hurry to get someplace. Nice view from the driveway though.

First 10 mile run 001.JPG

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Taken quite a while ago, but still plenty good! This leaky,creaky Studebaker of mine has impressed a lot of people before due to its "not-a-TriFive-Chevy-ness" as well as just being a really neat thing that it has survived this long.


                                                                         Front View.JPG

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This is to the be the first day in over 200+ days that the outside temperature here will  reach 20 degrees C  (64 F.). The '40 Packard hasn't seen the sunlight for almost a year so today's the day to park it outside for a while. We plan to visit our grown granddaughter with it this afternoon (socially distancing of course).


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On 4/19/2020 at 10:05 PM, Matt Harwood said:

We've become known as a good car spotting location--whenever I buy a car I try to drive it home to get a feel for it.


36Auburn.thumb.jpg.3fa34452893018bf9e9a5f978d6f323a.jpg  36FordCabriolet.thumb.jpg.a475e2398f6becd432206c227b189836.jpg  41BuickSuper.thumb.jpg.3bb14ca28594e492080fc0476acba927.jpg


50ChevyTruck.thumb.jpg.d32866a17b34af32ba027fd9af93d1a3.jpg  62PlymouthFury.thumb.jpg.1b3b6c793ead8960b6f54a34b543f35d.jpg  63Corvette.thumb.jpg.f5e94315e67ca79ff1689baedf0db0d0.jpg


64ImpalaWagon.thumb.jpg.d4e67001262ce5a32dcd7e2d01336458.jpg  1929Cadillac.thumb.jpg.93996832c32d30eba1a60f4d24b91139.jpg  1956Mopars.thumb.jpg.6d2fb8b7016ccb2e7dd8521d7605860c.jpg


Melanies66Mustang.thumb.jpg.27e4fa3c4dd55f5da6150238e2d55c64.jpg  ChryslerBuick.thumb.jpg.18cdade420f7a44e156bcc0ede7f0534.jpg

What is the green convertible top right , love the sleek lines

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