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1950 Chevy front wheel cylinders swap

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I can't say for sure regarding your application but can tell you when rebuilding the brakes on Dads 1951 Nash Statesman the wheel cylinders purchased cross referenced to early Chevrolet wheel cylinders around the years you asked about. 

While it was a few years ago now I do remember them being very reasonable.


Measure your old ones and compare to the Chevs and let us know how you make out.

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My Hollander shows that there are no other users of the 49-50 Chevy wheel cylinders. Nash also does not cross reference to your Chevy....



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A post over on the VCCA forums would probably get you an answer about the 36-48 cylinders.




If it were me I would have the old ones sleeved. Brake and Equipment (of Minneapolis) can do that, as can Apple Hydraulics who PFitz mentioned.


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