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My Buick, My Love, and I (sheet music)


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I am trying to get a copy of a piece of sheet music called My Buick, My Love, and I.  Back in 2001, one of our members sought the same sheet and a member named Bob Leets offered to send it him a copy – see link below.




Bob’s email address was given as raleets@juno.com


I have attempted to contact Bob at that address but am told it is an invalid address.  Are able to tell me whether Bob Leets is still a member of the club and, if so, what his current email address is?

If not, does anyone else have this sheet of music and would be willing to send me a copy?


Many thanks.


Kind regards


Geoff Ward

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Many thanks Greg,  I have that one.  There is a verse that starts "Riding through the country, away from all the crowd..."  I am particularly looking for the complete song with chorus and verse.  Can anyone help?


Kind regards




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Had a friend who’s self-isolating contact the ghost of Milton Berle through a toaster oven (hey, I wasn’t there - could have happened). 

Milton (who flogged Buicks on his “Buick-Berle Show”) says the verse went:


Riding through the country

Away from all the crowd, I'm riding on a rainbow,

And I'm sitting on a cloud.

Our Father and our Mother

Were just as gay as we.

What's good enough for Father

And good enough for Mother Is good enough for me!


Something may be lost in translation, as my pal was heating up some Jeno’s Pizza Rolls in the toaster oven at the same time. 


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