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1965 Ambassador power brakes.

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An old car friend added power brakes to his '65 Ambassador.


Brakes work and has vacuum to booster but doesn't seem to have any "power".  Do power brake cars have a special brake pedal rod or master cylinder?  Sounds like he  just put a power booster in and expected power brakes, I would have thought the same thing. Drum/drum car if that make a difference.

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Best bet might be to check with some of the American Motor Parts Dealers on line. 

Try Kennedy American Motors, Inc.,  America Parts Depot or Planet Houston AMX.

Use Goggle for contact info. or call them and check with them what works.


My '68 AMX does not have power Breaks and all the other AMC Cars I have owned, all with Drum Brakes,

stopped easily so I never felt the need for Power Brakes. 


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