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Advice on the best way to paint a frame

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 Spraying industrial Imron is different from other paints.

 To start with it is as thick as molasses before adding the activator. Then you would swear that the black paint you bought is brown and does not look like it would ever cover the gray primmer.🤯


  Your next thought is that it will never spray in an HVLP gun. Then, your first coat looks like transparent brown!😮


 You do have to apply it fairly heavy in order to get it to level out. The second coat amazingly turns black!


 As I previously stated in another post, that you must blast it in the cracks, that would be on the first coat and maybe turn up the pressure to accomplish this with the spray pattern cut down from a fan to a point.


 As usual with any paint, allow time between coats until it tacks up.

 A third coat will make it shine like a mirror and fill in many rust pits.😎


 After a few weeks it is tough and chip resistant.💪


 In my first post, I stated that it is not necessary to remove the grease. I will change that statement to, First pressure wash to remove excess grease and loose mud and rust that is on and inside the frame.  (A powerful blaster will remove hardened grease from the outside of the frame.)


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You've gotten a lot of input on this subject, so I'll throw in my two cents............Mine was pretty simple ....mounted the frame on two engine stands (with a few modifications) . Rolled into the blast area,

then sprayed with a two part epoxy. Results were great..........


20181122_142415 (Small).jpg

20181127_171332 (Small).jpg

DSC04394 (Small).JPG

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On 4/19/2020 at 8:59 AM, Bhigdog said:


Maybe yes. Maybe no. 

AACA is NOT competitive in the sense of one car against it's neighbor. Each car is judged against the "as it left the factory" standard. Also, no advantage is awarded for over restoration. Of course some judges are to some extent subjective and may look closer at a car that looks less "restored" than it's neighbor just as some judges may look negatively at an obvious over restoration.


So the rule book says.

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