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Funeral at Indianapolis Motor Speedway anyone ever hear of this before ? ?

Mark Gregory

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Anyone ever hear of this before ?

Slain police officer Breann ‘Bre’ Leath’s funeral takes place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with hundreds of officers in masks saluting as the hearse passes them on the track

  • The 24-year-old was fatally shot when responding to a domestic violence call at Edinburge Square on April 9 
  • Her funeral took place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as hundreds of officers and squad cars lined roads
  • Nearly 2,000 livestreamed the funeral service as people were told to stay home amid the Covid-19 crisis


The hearse carrying Leath's body stopped in front of her patrol car as police radios called out her final 10-42, a police code indicating the end of a tour of duty

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THANK YOU SHARING THIS .It is very moving. My Heart goes out to ALL of the law enforcement officers across our nation. Every day these brave men and women with a sense of duty and pride for their city, state, and nation, go to off work putting their selves in harms way.  They all just want to do their job to keep all of us across this nation for our freedoms, safety, and that people follow the rules. These gallant folks expect to go home to their families and friends every day.   Alot of them dont make it. Thanks to all of you brave folks that serve or have served !   

Kelly Jordan   Lake City, FL 




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