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Can anyone ID these radio dials ?

Reg Evans

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I reproduce lenses for vintage automobiles and wondered if anyone here can identify in what vehicles these dials were used.

I sell over 100 lenses on eBay as "grandpadodge"

I have found at least 4 different types with the same round dial.

Any help would be appreciated.


Reg Evans


1 mystery radio 1.jpg

1 mystery radio 2.jpg

1 mystery radio 3.jpg

1 mystery radio 4.jpg

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I am guessing this is the dial from a particular brand of "aftermarket" radio, which was made to fit a number of cars.  The original purchaser elected not to order his car with a factory radio, so he had a choice of any number of "universal" radios he could buy at his local auto parts store, which would fit his car.


Before the War, radios were usually in 3 components: the "control head" with the knobs and dial, the speaker, and the "receiver" with the tuner, amp, tubes, etc. (The control head was connected to the speaker and the receiver by cables, both electrical and mechanical.)   After the War these components were usually incorporated into one radio unit.  Aftermarket suppliers usually had radios available, in either type, that were tailored to fit most brands of cars.  They usually were installed either under the dashboard, or with the control head (only) clamped around the steering column, or they fit into the openings in the dashboard that the factory had provided for installing its own radios.  The control head (or dial portion of a one-piece radio) would often come with a trim plate that finished off the installation, and blended in with the design of the dashboard.


Each dial plate or control head, then, had to be designed to fit a particular make and year of car, but the dial itself could be of one "universal" design, regardless of car.  Thus the aftermarket manufacturer could achieve some economies of scale by using the same dial (and possibly knobs, as well).  It looks like all of your dials are of this one "universal" design, while the control heads themselves are mated to one specific year and make of car.


Here is a website which may help you:  https://sites.google.com/site/identifyingcarradios/   However, I did not see anything that matched your control heads when I quickly scrolled through.


However, if indeed your radio dials are indeed "aftermarket", I would not think they are worth reproducing.  Most restorers want the authentic "factory" radios, not aftermarket, so I'd think there was little demand for the aftermarket dial faces.




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