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Rear Axle Bearings 1917 D-35


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I am working on the rear axle of my car. (This is not the highest tech axle in the world).  I found Hubert 25-25 post about putting modern seals in the wheels, and I would like to do that, but the bearings are loose enough that i'm sure they wouldn't last

Has anyone tried a bearing upgrade - like maybe a sealed ball bearing instead of the Hyatt? It looks to me like it could be done. 

My bearings and the sleeve in the hub are somewhat worn. They aren't about to fail, but its gonna leak. 

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Thanks.  You have the Master which is quite different from what I have on the 4 cyl. Mine has Roller bearings and a tapered axle straight on the wheel hub. ( 3/4 floating).

The housing on mine is the split version. kinda a pain to work on. I don't know when they quit this axle. 1919 probably with the end of the E series. These are not a good quality axle. In this country they used to wreck the diff plowing snow with chains on, so finding a good one is unlikely. Of course they did that with the special 6 too. Quite a few special 6's got Master rear axles. I know ours did. 




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