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1966 Dodge Coronet 500 starter

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11 hours ago, plymouthcranbrook said:

I put one on my Slant six Volare when I discovered that parts to repair them are no longer available. Like mobileparts said, works great and not terribly expensive.


Just so that I understand, you put a starter from the 93 Dakota on your car slant six Volare?  Which Dakota engine?

I know that the early truck slants take a different starter than the car, but this is the stuff I like to know.

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OK, thanks that.

I put a mini starter on a 360 that's in an A body stock car that seems to be working OK.

I didn't think I could fit a stock starter in there with all my custom oil plumbing and my home made hydraulic clutch parts.

Or it was what I had at the time, I forget.

The poor thing is sitting for a couple of years now as I took last year off and there is no racing this year. (yet)



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A 318 starter will bolt to a 383. There can be differences in the windings (and probably how much torque), but they all bolt on, Slant Six to 440 magnum.


There is a small Japanese starter that will bolt up to the older Mopars and saves a little space and weight. I assume that is the Dakota starter you guys refer to, but I really cant remember. Theres nothing wrong with it, and it is probably gear reduction as well. If/when it fails, the trouble is usually the copper bolt (just like the original Mopar starter). Would it have enough torque for a 383? I don't know, maybe, but I'll bet it will bolt up and engage.


Unless you are trying to drop weight, or need the clearance, I would stick with the original.


EDIT: I am referring to 1962 and later aluminum torqueflite cars. Before 1962, things can get weird, and 383s and 318s did exist back then.

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