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Trying to Identify Car


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It does have an WWII era "A" gas rationing sticker in the rear window, so  the picture was taken in 1942 or  later. Those stickers tended to stay on long after the war was over, I remember cars and trucks well into the 1960's with them still hanging on!


Maine plates (along with Idaho and Utah for similar reasons) are eliminated from consideration because they had their state name above the numbers and a "Vacationland" motto below.  Only Ohio plates of this era had just the state name and the year at the bottom, but  Ohio also transposed the location of the state name and the year ,  leaving them at the bottom but switching them back and forth depending on the year issued.  IF it is in fact an Ohio  plate, 1942-43, 1945, 1946 and 1948 had "Ohio" before the year, and were light coloured plates with dark numerals and letters.

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